Eligibility criteria verification step - 26/4

The 21 registered initiatives from all over the country were approved in the verification stage of the eligibility criteria. The three macro areas of systems, biometrics and intelligence predominate.ency intelligence.

But there are also solutions for forensic chemistry, hybrid simulator among others. These are the ones:

  1. FACESCAN - Recognition for the detection of individuals.
  2. OCTO KEY - Tecnology of mobile biometric identification.
  3. VERIFACT - Snline solution for digital evidence collection.
  4. DELTA - Pnvestigative Intelligence Platforma.
  5. NANOBIOPHORENSE - Desenvolvimento de produtos nano-structured products.
  6. SICOP - Sntegrated Communication System.
  7. NFACES - Monitoring Intelligent Imaging.
  8. GOPROOF - Authentication and Chain-of-Custody Traceability.
  9. HOLOGUN - Treating Usando Mixed Reality.
  10. SAFE PRISONER - Snitoring system for the individual.
  11. K10 - Plataform organizing research work.
  12. FINE FLOWER SOLUTION - Combate to feminicidethrough existing cases.
  13. RADAR CRIME - Solution of situational analysis in the territory.
  14. EGOVMULHER - Solutions in IT.
  15. CHECK MONEY - Ganagement and security of paper money against claims.
  16. VIRTUAL DELEGATE 3D - Slemple solution for making a police report.
  17. CRIMINAL PALM - Solution of identification of persons.
  18. Rearview Mirror - Usando software to fight organized crime.
  19. Discovery - SSIDF Intelligence - Solution capable of capturing, storing, mappingear and provide data about wireless networks.
  20. Vario Bridge Varolio - Solution from use of all the functionalities of CORTEX-MJ.
  21. Protect Ban - interface for registering, storing, mapping and querying bank account data.